Confession #2 – I am a Facebook Connection Seeker.

What type of Facebooker are you?

  1. Obsessed – Always online, and can’t get enough of it!
  2. Occasional browser – Go on to beat your boredom in the spare time you have.
  3. All about me! – Love posting a good selfie and updating your friends on what’s happening in your life.
  4. Social butterfly – Constantly chatting and staying connected with friends and family.

Well, according to Hodis and colleagues, these are the 4 main types of Facebook users, respectfully known as:

  • Devotees
  • Entertainment Chasers
  • Attention Seekers
  • Connection Seekers

Now, to say that you are only one of the above segments may be a bit of a stretch, as I can identify myself in elements of all of them. BUT, if I had to be picky, Connection Seeker it shall be (At times Facebook is the only way I can keep a social life these days!)

But other than being able to identify what type of consumer you are, Hodis, Sriramachandramurthy and Sashittal findings in their 2015 journal article also highlight how they are useful in generating marketing strategies for Facebook!

Many businesses and brands are using Facebook to reach out to their current and potential consumers, with business pages being a great way to communicate B2C.

But how can a brand ensure they using Facebook to it’s full potential? How can they ensure they’re engaging the right people??

Enter, Hodis and colleagues!

  • Devotees – Make them Brand Ambassadors.

Devotees are extremely active on Facebook, and are not afraid to share their feelings and opinions with their peers – So make your brand the topic of conversation by engaging Devotees to do all the talking for you.

The added bonus? Consumers trust a brand much more after they have heard a friend talk about it – so Devotees posting their hearts away + your brand = WIN WIN!

  • Entertainment Chasers – Give them a quiz, show them a video, anything to get rid of their boredom!

Entertainment Chasers just want to scroll away their boredom throughout the day, so the best thing a brand can do to engage them is post visual and eye catching content. Note – as they don’t spend a lot of time online, whatever you do has to be short and impactful.

Buzzfeed does this excellently! They use short quizzes, interesting articles and oddly titled videos to catch people’s attention and get them actively participating with the brand (like today, I found out that I am a Coral Reef Mermaid – cause I just had to know what type of mermaid I was!!)

  • Attention Seekers – Use them as celebrity endorsers.

Attention seekers already think they are ‘Facebook Famous’ and believe their posts are highly influential on their peers. So why not use that high self-esteem and status to your advantage? Also, by engaging them to endorse your brand you are opening yourself up to an already established audience that will (hopefully) like and relate your product.

Lots of brands are already doing this with popular Celebrities, such as Kylie Jenner, who promote all sorts of things from hair vitamins to tea; if they have the status and followers, get on their bandwagon!

  • Connection Seekers – Throw them an event.

Connection Seekers, unlike Entertainment Chasers want to be social and interactive with their friends and family, so get these guys on board by creating some awesome brand based events.

At Monash University, clubs such as the Monash Marketing Student Society (MMSS) actively use events to promote their club to encourage students to sign up for memberships, whilst also getting likeminded peers together for a good time. So get your brands event in the Connection Seeker’s calendar and they will jump on the loyalty train!


So, what type of Facebook consumer are you?

If you were a new small clothing business, what type of Facebook consumers would you want to engage and how would you do it?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Until next time,

Chloe – The Stressaholic xx


4 thoughts on “Confession #2 – I am a Facebook Connection Seeker.

  1. I’m a bit of an entertainment chaser and a connection seeker. Facebook is definitely my preferred method to communicate with friends but it is also one of my main apps to go to if I’m bored. With the endless scrolling you can find yourself submerged in funny videos to pointless quizzes for ages. I think clothing brands benefit the most from attention seekers because they tend to get the most reach for their brand name. I know when I see clothes on recognisable faces it makes the clothes more attractive and in return I’m more likely to buy them. I think I would promote my brand through photos with small captions as it can display the clothing in a visually appealing way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Homelythingsblog!

      I totally agree with Attentions Seekers being a key segment for a new clothing business to try and engage, as Attention Seekers are more likely to willingly post photos of themselves dressed up and promote who they are wearing, unlike an Entertainment Chaser who is more of a scroller then a poster.
      You could also try engage Devotees to spread the word about your brand, and even potentially Connection Seekers by creating a pop up store event.
      There are so many ways a marketer could approach different types of Facebook and Social Media consumers that the possibilities could be endless!


  2. Interesting read!

    The social media profiles are spot on and I think we can all immediately identify ourselves or someone we know for each category. What I’d be interested to see is some research relating to whether different social media platforms attract more of a certain type of profile? What makes me think this is due to the fact I consider myself very sociable online and regularly use many forms of social media daily, but I’ve never joined Twitter. For some reason I just don’t find it interesting. The more I think about at it this could be due to the fact I prefer to share and consume images rather than share my opinion. Do you think certain platforms attract more of a particular user whether it be devotees or an entertainment seekers, or do you feel each form of social media platform is balanced by those who wish to share and those who simply want to consume?


    1. Hi Mira! Thank you for your comment.

      I think there would definitely be different types of users who are more attracted to different forms of social media. Like you, I love all social media but can’t wrap my head around Twitter. I am hoping to get better at using it, but it doesn’t really attract me.
      It would be really interesting to see what different types of social media consumers are drawn to in regards to the type of social media they use, as I think that information would provide marketers great insight moving forward with creating social media marketing strategies.

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