Confession #3 – Men love balls.

What’s the big deal with data? I have heard a lot about it throughout my degree; analysed it, made graphs with it, and used it to create marketing strategies…but why do businesses really LOVE using it?

To put it simply: Data = Information Gatherer and Performance Indicator.

Data is in every click, view, like, comment and questionnaire – things we do on the daily without knowing its full power and influence on businesses marketing activities.

Just like you would time yourself when training for a marathon, or scan over your Facebook posts to see how many likes you are getting, the reason why businesses collect and use data is to figure out how they are performing, and what they can do to be better, for themselves and for their consumers.

But data doesn’t always mean numbers and equations (and all kinds of confusing), which is known as quantitative data – data can also be qualitative; found in interviews, observing people and descriptions.

One brand that has used data to create an amazing campaign is Bonds.

It is well known that guys don’t really care too much about going out and buying underwear, to the point were they will wear a pair of undies until they are falling apart! However, it was this observation and findings from Nature Research and Roy Morgan, that sparked a genius campaign created by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne.

What did they discover?

Men care about their balls!

Check out the video below to see ‘The Boys’

I love this campaign. It is simple and straight forward, and makes sense with the brand, which are all big ticks for Bonds! And when you think about how the idea was stemmed from observations and insights makes data seem way less scary, and rather insightful! (Be sure to checkout more videos from this campaign as they are all fantastic!)

So, what should we do? Embrace data! Because you never know what can come of it, and with every piece of information comes an opportunity for growth and greater business performance.

What do you think of ‘The Boys’ Bonds campaign? Can you name any big brands that use data frequently to better their performance?

Until next time,

Chloe – The Stressaholic x



3 thoughts on “Confession #3 – Men love balls.

  1. Hi Chloe,

    Great choice of a brand campaign that has used data effectively – I love this campaign too!

    Another excellent example, once again from the masterminds at Clemenger BBDO, was the NAB Stand-Ins Campaign in the lead up to the 2012 AFL Grand Final. (Check out the campaign here:

    Like the Bonds campaign, research into consumer preferences and attitudes were fundamental in the development of this campaign. Ant Keogh, the Executive Creative Director at Clemenger BBDO, said “we found that nearly half of Victoria would give up whatever they were meant to be doing that day in order to get to the Grand Final. Footy fans said they would give up beer, hand over their mobile phone and even give up wearing deodorant for a year to get a seat at the game.”

    I think the reason why both campaigns were so successful is because they listened to their consumers and were able to engage with them in new and refreshing ways! But that’s just what I think…

    Based on the research data they received, do you think NAB was successful in applying what they learnt to engage their current and potential consumers? What kind of business objective(s) do you think they would have wanted to achieve and how would they have measured this?

    Can’t wait to hear your next confession!



    1. Hi Georgie,

      Thank you for your comment!

      I have never heard of NAB’s Stand-Ins campaign, but from what I saw on the link I think it is fantastic! It not only gave the brand heaps of media attention during a very popular time of the year, but also enhanced their brand image by showing that they are putting peoples interest first. Definitely a big tick for NAB!

      Due to its success, I think NAB were very successful in using research and data about their consumers to provide them with a campaign they could enjoy and follow along with (and one the lucky 20 people benefited from!).

      Objectives wise, some of the objectives NAB could have had were: Increase brand awareness, enhance brand likability/consumer preference and increase in the amount of customers/people joining the bank. These could have been measured through the amount of positive feedback the brand got over social media, the amount of coverage it received from media outlets, questionnaires and the % increase in people joining/opening an account with them.

      What do you think the brand would have wanted to achieve from their Stand-Ins campaign?🙂


      1. Thanks for your response!

        I would have to agree with you in terms of objectives, especially brand awareness as leading up to and during the Grand Final they were the most talked about brand over social media! Another key objective would have been to remain competitive and differentiate themselves from the other ‘big banks’ of Australia, something this campaign most certainly achieved.

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