Confession #4- Social Media is stalking you.

Mobile marketing has revolutionised the way that marketers engage and gain insight on their consumers – so much so, that they can track our location in order to do so!

Sounds a little creepy, I know, but what seems as simple as knowing your location can be extremely informative for businesses to ensure they are engaging the right people – which is not only good for businesses, but also good for us consumers, as we don’t get irrelevant marketing messages sent our way (score!)

But how do these social media platforms track where we are?

The answer = Geolocation.

According to Alan Meyer via marketergizmo, Geolocation uses the built in mobile phone GPS system to show where the user of the device is located.

So essentially, just as we can stalk people on social media, social media can stalk us – and we let them!


Facebook check-ins, Snapchat filters, Google Maps, Instagram locations + more!

For instance- Have you ever been notified by Facebook that you have friends attending an event near you? Or get an ad for a local coffee shop in your area?

That’s Facebook’s cheeky and sly way of saying – ‘I know where you are right now, aren’t I clever?’

Well, according to Facebook Business, there are 4 different ways a business can use location services to help select people to advertise to:

  1. Everyone in a location
  2. People who live in a location
  3. People recently at a location
  4. People travelling in a location

Why is this great for businesses?

It ensures you are only targeting relevant consumers – relevant by location.

This opens up a world of opportunity for small businesses, and even large and established businesses, to ensure they are reaching out to appropriate consumers in their area via their mobile phone.

But location isn’t just used for targeting consumers – Geolocation can also help spread brand awareness.

Enter: Snapchat. Snapchat logo

Snapchat allows consumers to select filters for their snaps before they add them to their Snapchat story, with may cities, suburbs and even businesses taking advantage of these filters to help promote their local area and business to help generate consumer interest.

The bonus for brands? Making an On-Demand Geofilter can be super easy, and plays to a key element of mobile marketing: individualisation!


Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 1.16.03 am

Pretty simple huh?

Here are some ways that big brands, such as Nike, McDonalds and Starbucks, have used Snapchat Geofilters to make advertising fun, interactive and customisable for consumers!


Do you know any brands that have used Geolocation services to try and engage consumers?

Would a branded Snapchat filter make you want to purchase from that brand? If so, why?


Until next time,

Chloe – The Stressaholic xx


4 thoughts on “Confession #4- Social Media is stalking you.

  1. As stalkerish as it is, i really like the geolocation aspect of apps such as facebook, Instagram and snapchat especially. Where ever i travel whether it be the other side of Melbourne or the other side of the world, I’m always so excited to see the new geo-filter. I also quite like knowing that my friends are going to events near me because they may be events I’d like to go to too. I don’t think I’d be inclined to purchase from a brand because of their sponsored snapchat filter, but it definitely creates a brand awareness and often informs me of promotions that i didn’t know were happening.

    The Pokemon app also took off because of the interactivity with the user’s location which was unlike any other game that had been released (to my knowledge).

    Great blog! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment!

      I totally agree with you regarding seeing new snapchat filters when you are out and about, as I think they are great too! I recently went to Japan and loved seeing what filters each location had.

      Pokemon is a great example of an app using geolocation!
      I don’t have the Pokemon app so I am not 100% sure on how it all works, however, I do know that in order to play the app tracks your location to try and find Pokemon – so geolocation would be an extremely important element of the app, and one of the reasons why it was so successful.


  2. I’m all for getting specific to me content on my mobile because who wants to see events happening 5 hours drive away! I also love Snapchat and it is always so engaging to see what kind of geolocation stamps they have in different areas. It definitely encourages me to use the app more. As for branded filters I feel like I get disappointed if they are too obvious because they seem desperate but hey if they can make a unique filter and somehow get me to subconsciously be drawn to their brand I would’t mind!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Renee!

      Thank you for your thoughts!

      Unique filters would be a great way for brands to make sure they are engaging Snapchat users! Brands would use Snapchat to try and stay memorable in consumers minds, so the more interesting, unique or even funny the better, without being too obvious!
      One brand that has used Snapchat in an interesting and unique way is Nike. They created a filter that allowed consumers to combine their face with Cristiano Ronaldo during their Euro 2016 campaign, only using a small Nike tick to identify that it was a Nike filter. It was a fun and creative way for the brand to promote the event whilst also promoting themselves, and overall, their campaign was very successful.


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