Confession #6 – I’m a Fitbit fail.

I tried to be a fitbiter, and I failed miserably. I wore it everyday for weeks, and one day I just forgot to put it on – and that was that.

However, even though I lost my motivation, Fitbit never quit on me! I got emails, reminders, and push notifications to keep my hard work up, but I just couldn’t get back into my groove – proving that I am a failed Fitbit consumer.

But what Fitbit have got going is very much the future of marketing and product development: Wearable tech that monitors our daily activities and interacts with other devices.

Now, to be honest, if a marketer could physically follow their target consumer around all day everyday, I am sure they would, as the more information they have on consumers the better! BUT that is just unrealistic. So what can brands do instead? Create a devise that will do all of the hard work for them! Because…

More consumer information = Greater insight for marketing activities and decision-making.

What makes this possible? The Internet of Things!

The Internet of Things, put simply by Jacob Morgan via Forbes, is “the concept of basically connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet.”

Marketers can use so many different platforms and products to become more connected and personalised with their consumers, and can include:

  • Car voice recognition
  • Home appliances (dishwashers, coffee machines)
  • Speakers
  • Heart rate monitors
  • Security systems
  • Aeroplanes


So in a world that is rapidly progressing towards greater connectivity and convenience through The Internet of Things, what could the future hold for a brand such as Fitbit?

Fitbit blenders
  • Connecting your morning alarm through the Fitbit app that turns on the Fitbit blender to make your morning smoothy?
Fitbit music
  • A product feature that uses daily mood, as identified by consumers manually through their Fitbit device, to create a daily playlist to keep you motivated throughout the day?
Fitbit shoes
  • Shoes that track your daily steps, physical activity, and also acts as scales for consumers to track their weight and muscle percentage daily?

The possibilities are endless!


Do you think that The Internet of Things will become more prominent in our everyday lives? And what wearable devices do you own, OR, what wearable devices would you be willing to wear in the future and why?

Until next time,

Chloe – The Stressaholic xx






4 thoughts on “Confession #6 – I’m a Fitbit fail.

  1. I had never thought of a Fitbit as such an amazing tool for marketers to track information about their consumers, but it definitely is! I would love the idea of a FitBit Blender because I have smoothies for breakfast most mornings. Only thing is I would be too lazy to pre-prepare the food to go inside. I’m sure someone out there will be able to work with all those ideas and create some amazing innovations to assist our everyday lives though. Fitbit has so much potential so hopefully they continue to be a strong brand and provide us with more useful devices.


    1. Hi Homely Things Blog!

      Thank you for your comment.

      I have two sisters who would also love a FitBit Blender! Health is becoming so much more important in consumers lives, so something along the lines of a FitBit Blender or even FitBit Shoes would definitely be on trend and have a strong point of difference against competing products.

      I totally agree with you in regards to FitBit’s potential to grow, as I think FitBit can definitely expand their product line through The Internet of Things, as they already have such a strong and loyal following that would love to buy more innovations from them.
      We will just have to wait and see what great new things lie ahead for FitBit!


  2. Hi chloe! I found your blog post extremely similar to mine. I talked about Polo and its creation of smart shirts. Do check it out here and feel free to comment as well! 🙂

    Back to your short lived relationship with FitBit, hahaha! 😀 FitBit really took the world by storm with its first invention of the performance tracker devise that could be attached as an accessory. They certainly used IoT to its maximum and it turned out to be a success. In this modern digital age, i can see IoT being more notable. With the fantastic ideas you pitched such as Fitibt blender, Fitbit music and Fitbit shoes, I wouldn’t be surprised if all these came to life in the years to come. As for myself , i currently own a FitBit and I do wear it whenever I go for a run. It certainly helped me in monitoring my performance and ways where I can improve. I can foresee more products revolving IoT and the smart shirt I mentioned in my blogpost was one. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your post and looking forward to your future posts. 🙂


    1. Thank you for your comment!

      I agree with you as I think IoT is going to become increasingly embedded into our lives in the near future; your example of the Polo smart shirts showing that IoT is not just limited to traditional tech products, but everyday products we wouldn’t even think to incorporate with IoT.

      It will be interesting to see what new creations unfold in the future!

      I will have to go check out your blog to learn about the Polo smart shirt 🙂

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